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Basic Styling Tips That Men Need To Consider In Order To Dress Attractively


Dressing well is important for both men and women. It is easily the first impression that someone gets from meeting you for the first and it gives off the appearance of confidence, well-being and attractiveness. These first impressions leave a mark on the people you meet and often are long-lasting. However, most articles talk about fashion tips and styles that women can make use of while guys have limited resources on tips that they can find to style themselves better. We have therefore, compiled a few key points that a guy can take up to impress every day.

Dress According To the Activity or Occasion

While there are trends happening all the time in the world of fashion, sometimes you cannot dress according to trends and if it does not suit you personally, you may look completely out of place and uncomfortable. It is important to be true to yourself even when picking out the clothes you want to be seen in. For example; it would seem rather odd if you wore sports attire all the time only to never have played a sport or if you are not generally active. Moreover, when dressing for a school or place of work, keep in mind their respective environment and culture to ensure that you portray an appearance of professionalism and competence to show that you are aware of where you are. You can purchase any type of formal or casual wear from the Brickcityvillin mens clothing section.

Consider Your Personal Style and Personality

The most crucial factor when dressing is to be yourself no matter what. Keep in mind that you do not have to be anything that you are not comfortable with. Clothes are ideally supposed to accentuate your best features without making it inappropriate or projecting an image that would not do your personality or you justice.  Dressing well does not mean following each and every trend that comes out, but simply to dress to enhance your features and portray your personality more. For example; if you lean more towards being quiet, reserved with a no-nonsense and casual attitude, it would be acceptable to have a simple, more minimalistic wardrobe with the most basic, well-made attire.

Know Your Body Type

There are different types and styles of clothes that you can get to suit your body type. Since there is no such thing as an ideal body or size, it’s the way you style your clothes that make the ultimate difference in the way you look and feel. For example; if you want to create an optical illusion and make you look taller, then consider wearing shirts with vertical lines and darker colours.  It is important to look at certain lines and shapes of the clothes and how it fits with your body. Play around with these sizing’s to match your body and fit in with the occasion. For example; if you have a lower body that is heavy, it is best to avoid baggy pants and jeans to avoid making you look heavier from the bottom. Similarly, hipster clothes that are usually baggy may be inappropriate for a formal event.


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