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Birthday Gift Ideas for Children


Giving gifts plays a key role in our relationships. When we give a gift to someone special to us, it allows us to show our love and appreciation to them. If you are kind of new to giving gifts, know that it has to be done without expecting anything in return.

Also, the cost of the gift does not matter. There are many affordable yet practical gift ideas you can consider buying especially for children. If there are children in your life who will be celebrating their birthdays real soon, this list of birthday gift ideas for children can come in handy.

Moon Lamp

Make their rooms light up every night with a moon lamp. The moon lamp comes in 3D and looks like a lunar face. Owning a moon lamp comes with a few benefits. It is portable, easy to use, and unique. It is perfect when reading a book, studying, and watching the television. It can contribute to relaxation as well. So, give a moon lamp as a birthday gift, and the recipient will love it – that is for sure!

Outdoor Toy

Doing any outdoor activity is good for our overall health. This is why gift an outdoor toy to the celebrant that he or she can use every day or in his or her spare time. Make sure to check out Plum Play Australia has stores you can visit that sell indoor and outdoor toys for children.


Lego is one of the most popular building toys you can ever find in the market. They are colourful and can last for many years to come. The recipient will be happy when you gift him or her a Lego set.

Plush Toy

Give him or her something that he or she can hug daily – a life-size plush toy. There are many plush toys you can buy in store or online. See to it that it is made of quality materials, though.

Smart Teddy

A smart teddy is not just a stuffed toy. It includes bedtime stories and every day routines that can help him or her create healthy habits. It is a game changer as he or she can sleep with it and learn new things that can help him or her become a better person.


Clothing is an essential so it is a good idea to gift a few sets of bottoms and tops that he or she can wear all-year-round. Include a funny sweatshirt that he or she can wear to make others laugh. Know that we need a good laugh nowadays.

Video Camera

There are video cameras you can buy that are appropriate for children. Gift him or her one so he or she can begin filming his or her own film at a young age.

Science Books

Encourage that little Einstein to read more Science books that give instructions for several Science experiments.

You can give subscription boxes, too. Some of the subscription boxes you can give are books, culinary kits, educational toys, and whatnot.

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