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Events You Can Only Enjoy in Melbourne


Melbourne is Australia’s cultural hub, foodie centre, sprawling metropolis, and tourist magnet, among other things. If you are visiting Australia, stopping by in Melbourne is a must to take in all the scenery and attractions. Melbourne is no hyped up tourist trap, however. There are things even the locals occasionally marvel at that tourists can definitely enjoy. Here is a list of amazing events you can only enjoy in Melbourne:

Melbourne Cup

This horse is called the “race that stops a nation” for a reason. Even if you are not an equestrian, you can enjoy the “best handicap two-mile horse race in the world.” It’s a major event where enthusiasts place bets and families watch the 3-year-old horses race while enjoying barbeque get-together parties. You can only enjoy this in Melbourne.

Australia Football League Grand Final Game

Australians love football so much, a Saturday in October is reverently reserved just for watching the game. Either the last Saturday of September or the very first Saturday of the following month is reserved for the Grand Final football game, which is akin to Australia’s Super Bowl. It’s the best football game to watch if you are new to Australia’s version of the game. Keep in mind to reserve your AFL tickets well in advance because these sell out like hot cakes. The Grand Final game is a fine tradition that has existed since the 1800s. To miss it is like missing your own birthday.

Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show is organized by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, the state Melbourne is situated in. So how fun can it be? You’d be surprised. It’s one of the biggest carnivals on this side of the planet, complete with out-of-this-world food, insane animal competitions, art showcases, fun rides, and one interesting wood chipping contest. The show goes on at the massive Showbag Pavilion in the city over some 3,000 square miles. It’s like a fun city inside a city. It’s a great event both the young and the old can enjoy. If you are in Melbourne in September, don’t miss the Royal Melbourne Show.


Are you a fan of the British royal family? Probably not as much as this commonwealth country. Queen Elizabeth II visited the country in 1954, a day so special Aussies made a special festival to commemorate it each following year. The Moomba is head on Labour Day in Melbourne and it’s a sight to behold. You can enjoy live music, crazy watersports and parade-like marches in the city. It’s really one of the best times to enjoy Melbourne.

And don’t forget Anzac Day. Anzac Day commemorates Australian soldiers who died in WWI. It is a sombre event to honour the country’s war heroes. The day kicks off with the beautiful Dawn Service that remembers the soldiers. Dawn Service events are held in all cities, and Melbourne’s has one of the biggest crowds. The service includes prayers and hymns and ends with a gunfire salute. Later in the day, Australians partake in less sombre activities, such as food festivals, football, and gambling games. Gambling is illegal in Australia, but games involving just two players are made legal just on this day due to its historical significance.

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