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How Big Of An Event Is The Australian Open?


It definitely is, considering how long this most prestigious tennis tournament has continued and gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1905. The popularity for the tournament has not declined through the years with ticket sales being higher than they ever were in recent years. It is hosted by the city of Melbourne and other cities across Australia and New Zealand and is typically held on an annual basis in the month of January. It is of course the first of the tennis grand slam tournaments held during the year while the others are namely the French Open, Wimbledon and the US open, none of which need any introduction and have been globally famous for a number of years. The Australian Open is popularly known as the most famous sporting event in the southern hemisphere with record attendance records with the most recent one held this year showing an unprecedented amount of people looking to participate in this most professional tournament.  It is also the first from the Grand Slams to introduce indoor play so as to not be hindered by poor weather conditions.

A Bit of History

This tournament has had a rich history since its inception and is managed by Tennis Australia. And even had another name with its first being the “Australasian Championships.” It changed to its current name in 1965. The committee decided to stage it in Melbourne due to it being the more preferred city with the highest attendance ratings. Melbourne Park proudly hosts this event and has greatly improved in its facilities to keep up with the large demand for the tournament. The decision to move to Melbourne Park was a very good one as this proved to result in an almost 90 percent increase in the attendance for the event. In terms of foreign players, the Australian Open didn’t attract as much its other counterpart Grand Slams with the remoteness of Australia being a decisive factor for this. The tournament, however, has proudly hosted some very big names such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. This attracted a lot of public interest and publicity for the tournament. The tournament looks to progressively attract such players more frequently in the years to come.

Television Coverage

Television coverage of the event was introduced in around 1973 and the tournament remains to this day as one of the most view programs on Television. This has not affected ticket sales as people still want to watch this big tussle of tennis live. As a result, Australian Open tickets are sold online as well, for further convenience. The official broadcaster for the tournament is Seven Network and it has already brought the rights for next year’s tournament as well due to the huge publicity it gets.

Prize Money and Records

The tournament is popular for giving very substantial rewards for its winners. This is in part to draw more foreign players in the future and also attract more public interest. The prize money and awards given in the tournament go a long way in solidifying its prestigious status.

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