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How To Keep Away Negative Energy When You’re In Bed Rest Due To a Sports Injury?


Below are a few suggestions to help you keep negative energy from consuming you while you are bed bound or unable to move due to an injury.

Keep Your Mind Busy

Have you heard the old proverb, “an idle mind is the devil’ workshop”? In general, it means if you’re idle, you end up doing things you are better off not doing. In this case, having an idle mind can easily make you spiral into negative thoughts and be consumed by negative energy. Rather than wallowing in your pain or being glum about what you can’t do, consider taking up a few hobbies that you can do even while in bed rest. If you’re able to use your smartphone, instead of aimlessly wandering from one social media app to the other, consider downloading a mind stimulating game and playing it to help you pass time.

Get an Expert Opinion on Your Injury

More often than not, what we don’t know can increase our fear about things, making us feel negative in general. If this is the same for you in regards to your injury, rather than walking around with questions or researching online (which can prove to be a little scary, in our opinion), we suggest you get an expert opinion and answers. In this case, if your injuries are related to your ankle, you need to consult Blackwood podiatry specialist. Make a list of questions you want to ask your doctor in your phone so you don’t forget anything.

Keep Your Body As Fit As You

While it’s true that you can’t actually exercise while you are bed bound, you can definitely take measures to ensure your body is still fit. For best results, do your best to eat right. Eat nutritious foods that help you heal, and avoid binge eating while on the bed. Try your best to avoid gaining unnecessary weight. It’s also best if you keep yourself well hydrated; especially if you’re under a fan or using a laptop the whole day. Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can try out simple exercises and stretches that won’t require you to move about much.

Have Friends and Family Visit You

To keep yourself surrounded by positive energy, ask your friends and family if they can visit you often. This not only fulfills your socializing needs, it also forces you to stay awake during the day; making sure you are not awake at night, and that you are getting your proper amount of nighttime sleep. If possible, ask them to bring along a few board games to enjoy while you are together, and a few books/movies to enjoy after they leave.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean and Bright

Dark spaces enhance negative energy. Often, when we are bed bound due to an injury, we tend to keep the room dimly lit, and we are not very particular about the cleanliness or the cluttering of our rooms. This too enhances that negative feeling. To avoid this, get someone to draw your curtains open every day, and if possible, let in the fresh air. Ask someone for help to clean up your room. If you’re not comfortable doing so, simply hire a maid service for this purpose.

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